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Nourishing Massage Cream 150g

Our Selling Price: CA$19.50

Give yourself a facial massage and enjoy spa-like result at home!!

Soft massages with our Nourishing Massage Cream stimulate blood circulation in your facial tissue, resulting in brighter younger-looking skin. Facial massages also increase collagen production and help to lift and firm the skin.

During a massage, Organic Shea Butter offers intense hydration and Rose Geranium Extract revitalizes and reduces the appearance of the first signs of aging.


Our Nourishing Massage Cream is 100% Natural and 94% Organic


How to Use: After cleansing your face, apply some massage cream with fingertips and massage on, paying special attention to target areas. Wash away with warm water, followed by our Facial Toner and Moisture Cream. Try facial massage 2 to 3 times a week to get the best results.


<Facial Massage Tips>

-Soft circular movements on the forehead and cheeks.

-Use lifting movements along the neck and jaw line area.

-Pressure point massage around the eye area. (Using your ring finger, apply firm pressure from the start of the brow working outwards. Apply medium pressure under the eyes, working outwards to the temples.)


Shelf Life: 1 year after purchase and 3 months after opening.


*Our Nourishing Massage Cream is made with Organic Oils and Plant Extracts. This product does not contain any mineral oils, animal oils, synthetic colors or fragrances, and good for all skin types including sensitive skins.