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Introducing New Advanced Skin Care Line!!

“Science-Based Natural Skincare with true result!!”


Chons Inc. has been researching and developing natural cosmetics for 15 years since its establishment. After repeated analysis of each component and research to increase the penetration rate into the skin, we finally created the new skin care line "Advanced Skin Care Line". With a high concentration of naturally derived active ingredients, this science-based natural skincare line is designed to work safely and effectively!



-Formulated with highly active naturally derived ingredients.

-More than 97 % natural origin ingredients.

-Vegan & Cruelty Free

-Free from Mineral Oils, Animal Oils, Sulfates, Phthalates, Parabens, Colors or Synthetic Fragrances.

-Manufactured in GMP certified facility in Canada.



■ How is it different from our original skin care products?

Both our original skin care products and advanced skin care line have the same basic concept, including the use of naturally derived ingredients and vegan formulas. However, the biggest difference is the concentration of the active ingredients. Advanced skin care line contains higher concentration of active ingredients that are to be effective for skin concerns such as wrinkles, lines, dullness, dark spots and dryness, so that you can expect the visible results quicker. However, there is a chance that it may be irritating to the skin due to the high concentration of certain ingredients even though they are naturally derived. On the other hand, our original skin care products have a gentle formula that can be used on sensitive skins without irritation. Please choose the best products to suit your skin condition and purpose, and enjoy your skincare routine comfortably.


● Our Original Skincare Line  \\Herbal Skin Care Line//

Recommended for people who:
- have sensitive skin.
- are easy to get rashes or irritations. 
- like to use gentle care products.
 (It is a line where you can feel the effect by using it for a long term.)


● New Skincare Line \\Advanced Skin Care Line //

Recommended for people who:
- do not have sensitive skin.
- want to feel the effect quickly. 
- like to use skin care products that are developed with the latest science and technology.


You can combine two lines and arrange it to suit your skin condition. For example, you can use the Herbal Skin Care Line mainly and replace only serums by the Advanced Skin Care Line, or use the Advanced Skin Care Line mainly and use the Herbal Skin Care Line when your skin is sensitive.