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Your skin absorbs everything that is applied on it, including the harsh chemicals and synthetic ingredients in traditional cosmetics.
Skin care products made of natural ingredients work synergistically with your skin to regenerate while nourishing it with natural nutrients to enhance beauty and promote good health.

All of our skin care products are made in Canada, and do not contain any harsh chemicals like artificial colors or fragrances. We also do not use any mineral oils or animal oils. Our products are all made of plant derived ingredients, and not just natural, we use organic ingredients as much as possible.

Offering the organic products at a reasonable price is a big challenge for us, because organic ingredients are more valuable and cost a lot to manufacture from those ingredients. However, we do our very best to keep the price the lowest possible so that everybody has a chance to try our products and feel the benefit.

Recently, more people have become cautious about what they eat. There are many people who are trying to avoid fast food, instant food, and any food with synthetic additives in order to stay healthy.
If you apply harsh chemicals and synthetic ingredients on the skin, you will absorb them through the skin. And the fact is, the chemicals absorbed through the skin tend to stay in your body longer than chemicals you absorbed from your mouth! It is actually harder to get rid of chemicals which are absorbed through the skin. Isn’t it scary? This is why we recommend to use natural products on your skin.

Chons Inc. was founded by Chika Matsuo in 2007. Chika studied biochemistry in the department of agriculture, University of Tokyo. She also studied aromatherapy both in Japan and Canada. After studying aromatherapy, natural therapy and cosmetology, she received a title for Certified Natural Health Practitioner. She created an organic skin care brand, Chons Naturals in 2004. Chons Naturals had a great reputation, and thanks to all of the support of Chons Naturals fans, Chons Inc. was established three years later.

Right now, Chons Naturals products are produced by Chika with a support of the top research group in natural skin care industry in Canada.
The happiest time for us is when we see our customers happy. So we will continue to work on creating the best products and offering the best service to see more happy faces!!

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