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We just want to let all of my customers know that Chons Inc. Director, Chika Matsuo will be on TV starting from this Sunday!!
On the TV show, she will be talking about natural skin care, aromatherapy, how she started the business etc…
It will be showing on OMNI 2 TV (Wai Wai Wide) Cable 14. There will be Part1 & Part2.

Part1: 11/27 (Sun) 11:30pm~  repeats on 11/29 (Tue) 9am~
Part2: 12/18 (Sun) 11:30pm~  repeats on 12/20 (Tue) 9am~

We hope you have time to take a look at the show!!!
Dear my customers in North America!!!

Thank you for being very patient with our inconvenient website for a long time. Finally we updated our website and now it got much easier to do shopping with all sorts of functions such as shopping cart, customer registration, e-news letter, automatic ranking display etc…

For the customers who prefer e-mail or phone order, we still accept those orders too, so just email us to or call us @416-592-0808.

Thank you very much for your support, and we look forward to your further business!!!
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